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These are large file size models (50-100mb). They may take a while to load on slower devices and/or on slow internet connections. Not all mobile devices can display these models properly, if you are having problems viewing the models using a mobile device try using a different device or a desktop/laptop. First the 3D model must load, then the texture file must load.

Click on the model you wish to view. Once uploaded, the 3D model viewer window and navigation options can be customized using the control panel on the left side of the model viewer window.

NWB FAA 333 Exemption 13933

Drone / Unmanned

Aircraft Services

​All 3D Models shown in the NWB gallery were created from imagery collected by NWB's unmanned aircraft, and with in-house software.

​The link below will open a new window to our 3D model host.

- 3D Point Clouds -