Resolutions Available and Typical Flight Times

*Flight times vary based on large terrain elevation changes, obstacles, and prevailing wind speeds 

High Resolution:  2 - 3 cm/pixel GSD - Collected at 140ft. Above Ground Level (AGL)

Flight time* needed to map per 100 Acres: 70 Minutes

Medium Resolution:  3.5 - 4.5 cm/pixel GSD - Collected at 280ft. AGL
Flight time* needed to map per 100 Acres: 35 Minutes

Low Resolution: 5 - 7 cm/pixel GSD - Collected at 400ft. AGL
Flight time* needed to map per 100 Acres: 25 Minutes

- Aerial Mapping -

NWB FAA 333 Exemption 13933

UAS collected aerial imagery. Resolution is given in terms of how many centimeters each pixel in the photo represents (cm/px). This is the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD). The lower the number the higher the resolution.

Drone / Unmanned

Aircraft Services

Global Accuracy

Global accuracy of orthographic imagery provided is dependent upon the number and accuracy of Ground Control Points (GCPs). We ask clients to provide at least 5 GCPs in the area to be mapped however we can arrange to have GCPs recorded.

 In absence of GCPs, our global accuracy is typically 1-3 meters x,y and 5-7 meters z using our Unmanned Aircraft's onboard GPS.

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