3DR Solo with Multispectral Camera

Drone / Unmanned

Aircraft Services

- Aerial Services We Offer -

Matrice 100 in the Desert
NWB FAA 333 Exemption 13933


2D Orthographic Maps - Georeferenced & Othorectified
3D Modeling - of Terrain, Objects, and Buildings

Stockpile Volume Calculations

In-house ArcGIS and Photogrammetry

Photography & Video

Low-elevation High-resolution (Up to 4K) Photography and Video

In-House Photo and Video Editing

Thermal Photo & Video
System: FLIR Tau-2 Camera (Camera output specs available Here)

Display Target Temperature Mode; Can display and record a target's temperature in real time.
Isotherm Mode: Allows a user to highlight a custom temperature range. For example this could be used in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations to find people if the temperature range is set to highlight areas displaying 90 - 100 degrees thereby highlighting surfaces within human body temperature range.
Multiple color palettes (LUTs) available; Such as Black Hot, White Hot and Fusion.

360° Photo and Video

System: 4 Go Pro Cameras with wide-angle lens used to capture photo and video. We use in-house software to stitch the videos together.

NDVI / Multispectral / Hyperspectral Imaging

System: Dual MAPIR Cameras with 1 visual spectrum camera and 1 NDVI filter camera for basic NDVI recording capabilities.

  • In-house NDVI map creation

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