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Have a large site to record? No problem!

Overhead imagery can be stitched together using photogrammetry to produce large high-resolution images that are georeferenced and easily imported into geospatial/mapmaking software such as ArcGIS. The image above is a series of aerial photos stitched together in-house. A long linear mound feature can be seen in the upper center of the aerial photo; this is a long line of adobe brick remnants.

Aerial Archaeological Services We Offer:

  • We provide site recording in 2D and 3D. Add a new line of geospatial analysis to your investigation with multiple file export formats supported including ArcGIS and QGIS shapefiles. We can also produce maps for you in-house using ArcGIS.
    • Georeferenced high-resolution mapping can be provided for areas of any size, from a small collection of milling features on a hillside to a complex district of sites scattered across a valley
    • Ephemeral surface features that are easily missed from the ground can be seen from the air
    • High-resolution and detailed 3D models of buildings, structures, objects and terrain can be created
  • Remote and hard-to-access sites and features can be recorded
  • Archaeological Sites open to the public being "loved to death" can be recorded from the air and given a ground 360 degree tour, to reduce foot traffic and for potentially fulfilling ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.
  • Large areas can be monitored over time for recording site formation and degradation processes
  • Volume of soil disturbed can be calculated from aerial imagery
  • Amazing aerial photo and video media can be created for use in publications such as papers, presentations, websites, and documentaries
  • ​360 Degree Virtual Reality (VR) ready content can be created with our 360 degree photo and video service.
  • UAS are safer and more cost-effective in many scenarios compared to equivalent aerial film operations requiring a helicopter/airplane

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UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) are amazing platforms for the aerial collection and recording of archaeological data. Throughout recent history archaeologists have devised many methods for collecting aerial overhead photos of archaeological sites and excavations. UAS can eliminate using blurry satellite imagery, tall shaky ladders, scaffolding, and cameras mounted on poles, kites or balloons. 

Locus B Overview

We know archaeology and we know aerial data collection. We can assist your investigation.

If you are interested in seeing more of our 3D models please follow the link on the right to our 3D model host at p3d.in. The link opens a new window.

Photo Gallery of NWB using Unmanned Aircraft for recording a historic site.

Featured on the right is a 3D image of the adobe mixing machine found in Locus A

Note: Click on the image to load the 3D model.The file size is large, so you may need to give it some time to load. For instructions on how to manipulate the 3D model viewer, click on the mouse icon that appears on the left side once the file is loaded.

3D model may not load on mobile devices. If you experience difficulty viewing the model, try using a laptop/desktop or different device.

Drone / Unmanned

Aircraft Services

Aerial Photos

NWB FAA 333 Exemption 13933

3-D Modeling

360° Video Tour of Adobe Brick Feature in Locus B

*Requires a 360 video compatible device/software such as a smartphone when using the YouTube app. 

(360° Photo Tour Samples Coming Soon!)

Overhead aerial of historic mechanical adobe mixing equipment. Scale in top left corner is 10 ft long.

Example of a Historic Mechanical Adobe Manufacturing Site recorded by UAS

Overhead aerial of a historic adobe brick feature.

Scale is to 10 ft.