For price inquiries please provide a location, timeframe, and the desired deliverables;

  • For mapping services please provide a graphic representation of the area to be mapped. A GIS shapefile, pdf or photo file format map, or Google Earth file (.kml) are all good options, however almost any digitally transmittable cartographic representation/format we can probably work with.

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NWB FAA 333 Exemption 13933

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Important Information regarding the commercial deployment of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • High winds, low overcast, and precipitation can delay/cancel flights.
  • No flights directly over unprotected people.
  • Flights are only allowed during daylight hours, or half an hour before sunrise or a half an hour after sunset during civil twilight.
  • Airspace access - There are many areas where commercial Unmanned Aircraft are not allowed or require more time and paperwork to gain the proper permission/permitting. Common scenarios are being within controlled airspace. A simplified National Airspace Map can be used to check if UAS flights are easily permissible in a given area. Please keep in mind this map and many others do not show every factor that can affect UAS flight permissions, however it is a great initial tool for locating open airspace, local airports and controlled airspace.
DJI S1000+ octocopter. Heavy lifter drone / UAS