NWB FAA 333 Exemption 13933

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Drone / Unmanned

Aircraft Services

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Aerial Photos

Aerial images can be straight down (nadir) or at an angle (oblique).


Low Resolution: 5 to 7cm/pixel Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)
Medium Resolution: 3.5 to 4.5 cm/pixel GSD
High Resolution: 2 to 3cm/pixel GSD
File Type: .jpeg

Aerial FLIR Photos & Video ("Heat Vision" / Long Wave Infrared)

System: FLIR Tau-2 camera

Video Resolution: 640 × 512:30 Hz (NTSC) 25 Hz (PAL)

Scene Temperature Range: -40° to 1022°F (-40° to 550°C)

Display Target Temperature Mode; can display and record a target's temperature in real time.

Isotherm Mode; allows a user to highlight a custom temperature range. For example this could be used in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations to find people if the temperature range is set to highlight areas displaying 90 - 100 degrees thereby highlighting things within human temperature range.

Multiple color palettes available; such as Black Hot, White Hot and Fusion.

File Types: .jpeg photos and .mp4 video.

2D Orthographic Map

Maps in top-down view, georeferenced, and orthorectified to photogrammetric standards.


Low Resolution: 5 to 7cm/pixel Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)

Medium Resolution: 3 to 5cm/pixel GSD

High Resolution: 2 to 3cm/pixel GSD

File Types: .geoTIFF, .kml, .html, and .mbtiles

Note* UAS collected aerial imagery outshines commonly available commercial satellite imagery. Furthermore UAS imagery can be done at anytime during daylight hours, versus satellites which typically only take photos at high noon. UAS can also collect imagery if there is cloud cover (provided it is not too low) while satellites are unable to record through clouds. Satellite imagery providers, and many other mapping providers, commonly only lease aerial imagery with limitations as to the imagery's use. With NWB you have the option to own the full rights to imagery collected.

3D Point Cloud

​A 3D data point set with X, Y and Z values represented in a coordinate system, points also have an RGB color value.

File Types: .las, .laz,

3D Mesh Model

A 3D model based on point cloud data, for importing into CAD applications.

File Type: .obj, 

Topographic Contours

Topographic contours are a way to display 3D elevation data in 2D. These can be created in a specified coordinate system with custom intervals. The default option is 1 foot contours.
File Type: .shp