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NWB was granted a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Section 333 Exemption in late 2015. As of September 9th, 2016 NWB received its first Remote Pilot certificate and can now offer aerial services under the new FAA Part 107 rules. Meaning we can offer a large variety of 100% legal and FAA compliant, low-altitude aerial services using drones / small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

NWB prioritizes compliance and safety, ensuring an optimal experience for all clients. Our unmanned aircraft are flown by FAA licensed pilots and we carry drone and general liability. NWB meets or exceeds all the legal criteria required by the FAA for civil and commercial UAS operations.

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Our most recent video short of NWB Environmental in collaboration with Wildlands Inc. testing the potential for UAS aerial imagery to support wildlife conservation. This included testing the potential for using a thermal camera (heat sensing) for identifying desert tortoise. April 2016. Check out our previous videos at our YouTube Channel at NWB Environmental Services, LLC.

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NWB FAA 333 Exemption 13933

This image taken by NWB demonstrates the high quality aerial imagery obtainable through aerial photography and used for photogrammetry and high resolution mapping. Our imagery is always up-to-date and outshines other commercially available aerial imagery.

Advantages of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

  • UA used for aerial photography and data capture are cost-effective, safe, accurate and fast; for mapping, modeling, and investigative services. 

  • ​For Environmental Services such as Biology, Cultural/Archaeology and Stormwater, UAS can reduce the amount of work required to fulfill legal requirements, and can ease accessibility to remote sites while reducing time, cost and potential impacts.

  • UAS are generally less intrusive on wildlife and the environment than many traditional alternatives.

  • UA can provide a higher level of video and photographic quality than most ​other aerial data collection methods.

  • UAS are safer and more cost-effective in many scenarios compared to equivalent aerial film operations requiring a helicopter/airplane.

  • UAS captured aerial maps can be used for accurate real-world measurements and we can provide terrain data in multiple formats and file types so all parties involved in a project can be kept apprised with the latest information in the format they need.

  • Automation allows for replicable and consistent results.

We offer our clients many services utilizing the latest methods and technology in low altitude aerial photography and videography. Unmanned Aircraft (UA) have the potential to allow professionals to improve the safety, speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of current business practices across many industries. Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low-altitude High-resolution (Up to 4K resolution) photography and video with editing

  • Thermal Imaging (FLIR "Heat Vision" Camera)

  • 360 degree photo and video (Create AR/VR content)

  • In-house ArcGIS and photogrammetry

  • 2D Orthographic Maps; georeferenced & othorectified

  • 3D Modeling of terrain, objects, and buildings

  • Stockpile volume calculations

  • NDVI/Multispectral/Hyperspectral imaging

  • Staff with experience working on sensitive project sites such as construction sites and in support of environmental compliance services in California.

  • Want to set up your own FAA Compliant UAS division at your company? We can help provide operators, consultation and training.