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NWB Environmental Services, LLC (NWB), under subcontract, provides cultural resources consulting services to SDG&E. Proposed activities include survey, monitoring, analysis, and report preparation for gas line and pole replacement, new distribution circuits and transmission lines, reconductor and wood-to-steel projects, and other services as needed.


NWB also is under contract to provide cultural resources consulting services to Verizon Wireless. This work includes survey, monitoring, analysis, and report preparation for installation of transmission equipment, preventative and remedial maintenance to network towers, and other services as needed. The proposed cellular installations include towers, panels, and other structures and devices located throughout Southern California.


In conformance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, NWB submits documents to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the California SHPO office. All cultural resources studies follow the FCC document FCC04-222 guidelines titled the National Programmatic Agreement for Review of Effects on Historic Properties for Certain Undertakings Approved by the FCC, September 2004. NWB conducts record searches on each proposed project area, identifies opportunities for resource avoidance and conservation, and ranks those areas in terms of sensitivity for impact to cultural resources. NWB conducts project location field surveys and monitoring and then outlines recommendations and conditions for project approval in the Archaeological Resource Management Report (ARMR).


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